As HA of Foxysden let me say its been an

  I thought I've been a fair and just Ha.  
Apparently I haven't or we would have players who
play.  I don't ask for constant play, but twenty minutes
out of your day once in awhile.
I've met some great people.  It's time to reevaluate
the league as much as I love it.
 I can not see us
continuing for another year, if things don't change.
  Most of the staff has had to jump tours, in order for
us to keep the room. 

Which we don't mind, but we
do it more and more even when players are on pogo.
   So I have discussed this with Ms Key, and starting
next month, staff will no longer be asked to jump a
tour. If they jump, it's because they want to not because they have to.

If we move a tour to another day or hour, and
it still don't play it will be deleted.  
     If cases notifies me that a room is no longer ours
cause of lack of play the game will be deleted from
our schedule. 

This is not staffs fault the fault lies with
the players.
      If there is anyway for me or staff to improve what we
do let me know.  If its me or anyone on staff that is the
reason speak up.  I will listen.

  I will even step down if
its me, I love this league that much.  
     All i ask is honesty about what needs to be done to
keep her going.

                                    YOUR HA
                                    CRISTEAN- WOLFSCUB