Thanksgiving is upon us and I have a lot to be Thankful for.

My family who has given me support these last two years.  Who have seen me through some really tough times.  Who have sacrificed time and their lives to help me. 

To my extended family at Foxysden who has given me a place to hang out and be a part of a group of loving, caring people.  A place of fun and laughter and a love that comes from each and everyone of them in their own way.  

I give thanks for my better half Ms Key who spends a lot of time giving me the support and help needed to get me through the day and late nights.  She is a special person that with out her I be lost.

Above all else I give Thanks to God who brought me home and led me to Foxysden. 

For all the times he gave me the strength to go on and not give up.  I do thank God for with out his touching of my life and my heart I would not be here.

My faith is strong and I don't push it or sell it or ask anyone to believe in it.  But I will not deny it for I know without it, I would not be here.

So on this day of Thanksgiving I ask only one thing give thanks for all you do have and forget about what you don't for what you have is a Blessing

Family, friends and all the love they have to offer.

So HAPPY THANKSGIVING and may God Bless each and every one of you.