Autumn is upon us and The Den is very busy with lots of new members, new games, and new staff!

We, the Staff of The Den, wish to thank each and every one of you for your support and friendship! Without you, this league would not be as successful! Thank your from the bottom of our hearts! If you have any ideas to help make the league even better, feel free to contact Lee (Huddlee) or Key (Keylalah). We gladly take suggestions for betterment, improvement, or change.

Welcome aboard to all the new members of the family! You all have been a joy to have in the tours and in our Den Family! If there is anything we, the staff, can do to help you, please question is stupid...we have all been there. If any of you are interested in becoming hosts for The Den, please talk to Jim (Denverwings), Lee or Key.

The league was founded by Foxyuk in October of 2009. We are fast approaching out 2nd Anniversary as a league. On October 21, 21 and 23, we will be hosting The Den Marathon for our league. The Marathon will include tours of all kinds with lots of variety in the games. There will be lots of prizes given away to many winners! We will begin at noon on the 21st and end at midnight, only to start the next day the same, for 3 days!!! Invite your friends to join us and have fun with the family!! Send them to to apply. The more the merrier! Keep watch for more information coming soon!

We would like to welcome our new Staff members of The Den: Wolfcub (Chris) as HTD and Gifter, Typsinypsi (Tom), as Special Events Admin and HTD, and MrsTunes as HTD. We are so very glad to have you aboard!!! And thanks so much for your desire and help in making this League the best out there!!!!

Below is a list of the Staff Members and their positions
Huddlee (Lee) HA
Keylalah (Key) Co-HA
Denverwings (Jim) Admin/HTD
Rlynch (Terry) Design Artist Admin/HTD
Typsinypsi (Tom) Special Events Admin/HTD
Chulacolbri (Chula) HTD
Mooky (Mooky) HTD
MrsTunes (Tunes) HTD
Wolfcub (Chris) HTD
MrsBmisty (Sandy) Welcomer
Zacksnonnie (Connie) Welcomer

Games The Den hosts:
Bingo Luau Lottso!                    Thousand Island Solitaire
Dice City Roller                          Mahjong Safari                          Tri-Peaks
Golf Solitaire                              Monopoly Slots                          Vaults of Atlantic Slots
Hog Heaven                               Pogo Bowling                            Word Whomp
Jungle Gin                                  Show Biz Slots                          Yahtzee
Keno Pop                                   Sock Hop Slots

Watch for more information soon. Please read the chat on the front page of the League for daily information. You can always add your chat as well. For help, ask staff members! Chatting is fun!

Happy Touring!
Keylalah and Huddlee!