foxys den (Pogo)
Fri Feb 11 11:08 2011
HELLO DEAR FOXYS! The staff of Foxys Den League would like to thank you for all you have done to support the league; joining tourneys, being a part of league contests and TOC and BOC tours, helping as Tds and Htds, supporting each other in mini gifts, buxs, and friendship. That means a lot!! Again, thank you for your support! There are a lot of new things going on in the league! We have had changes in the staff. Huddlee (Lee) and NHRAfan83 (Josh) are our Senior Admins, Audge is the night Admin, Key is the League Secretary, Blackrose is our Music DJ, ChulaColbri is the Events Director for the League, Mooky is the League Greeter, and Denverwingsfan and Krisi9600 (Jeremy) are Tds for the League, along with the staff as Tds and Htds. And last, but not by any means least, is our faithful leader, Foxy ! Lee is also the Staff Admin and is our Designer for the Front Page. He has such awesome talent and we truly appreciate all his efforts! Thanks for sharing those talents, Lee! The front page looks GREAT! We have many new games for our tours in Pogo. The following is a list of the games for your convenience. The ones in green are the top 10 most liked games played by our gang. The following games are played at least once in tours each week. Bingo Luau, Boardwalk Seaballs, Pogo Bowling, Canasta, Dice Derby, Dice City Roller, Dominoes, Everyone Wins Bingo, Golf Solitaire, Hog Heaven Slots, High Stake Pool, Jungle Gin, Keno Pop!, Lottso, Lottso Express, Monopoly Slots, Mahjong Garden, Mahjong Safari, Poppit!, Poppa Zoppa, Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Word Whomp, and Yahtzee Party. We are open to any suggestions of other games you would like to see in tours. Just let one of the staff members know your request. Coming up on Monday, 14th of February, Valentine's Day, we will be hosting TOC tours to celebrate Valentine's Day! The tours will begin at 5:30 pm EST – League Time - hosted by Chula! Come join in the fun and prizes...LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! (you must register to play) The Den is also having a mini contest for Valentine's Day. If you would like to participate, start checking out all the Mini Profiles of each player in the Den and decide which 3 Valentine Minis you like the best. When you have chosen your 3, Pogo Mail Keylalah with your selections, give the full Pogo name of each choice, include 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place, and add a sentence or two as to why you picked those particular 3 Minis. Start looking NOW and get your choices into Key by the end of the day on Sunday, the 13th. Dress your Minis up for Valentine's Day and HAVE FUN!! Prizes will be given for the top 3 during the TOC Tours Monday night! The Den has a Slide Show of the League's families, pets, trips, gardens...all for your enjoyment! Please send your pictures to Keylalah@yahoo.com and they, too, will be placed on the Slide Show. If you have pictures on there now that you would like removed or others to be put in, please let Key know in your email what you would like done. Please place in the Subject Line “( your Pogo Name ) Pics for slide show” for example: Keylalah – Pics for Slide Show. Lee is going to create a Baby Book for the Den. We have newborns already this year and would like to share them with the Den family! If you are a new aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, please send in a photo of the little one, his/her name, weight, length, and the date born, to Keylalah@yahoo.com. This info will be placed in the book for all to enjoy...our new little Foxys! Please place in the Subject Line “( your Pogo Name) Pics for the Baby Book, for example: Keylalah – Pics for the Baby Book All these dates and events...how will I ever keep them all straight! Never fear, Lee is here! He has placed a calendar on the front page with all the events of the month! Thanks Lee! Lee also has brought back the Daily Trivia Game for you to play. Join in the fun and challenge your league buddies! Chula has a challenge out there for ones who think they are smarter than her.....! The Den's music is so very kewl! Rosy is doing an excellent job of keeping the music coming! If you have a request for a song or two, place it in the Chat on the front page, or speak with one of the staff and we will get her the message! Thanks so much Rosy! We love the toe tappin' singin' dancin' enjoyment you bring to us each day! We don't want you to lose your hard earned bux by being purged! Come jump a Tournament today!!!