11/26/2011 written by Keylalah

HOLIDAY GREETINGS! From the staff of Foxysden League!
We hope you had a safe, relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving with
family and friends.

Foxysden League is the #1 league of the premium leagues on Case/MyLeague! Congratulations Foxys!!! Well deserved! Continue to vote every day when you come on. This voting process continues throughout the year. Let's stay on top! For we ARE the Champions!

This is the last call for addresses if you wish to be sent and/or send Christmas cards to your Den Family. November 30th is the final day to submit them to MrsTunes. Remember, we are from all over the
country, England, Australia, Scotland, and takes longer to get the mail to these different countries. So please get addresses in as soon as possible. Pogo mail MrsTunes. Thanks!

We would like to have your Birthdays so we can put them on the Den Calendar and celebrate your day in a very special way! Again, if you have not given MrsTunes your birth date (dont need the year), please do so right away – Pogo mail her. Thanks!

We will be having a Christmas Tree Contest as we did last year! Submit your Christmas Tree pictures to Please, the trees are to be YOUR tree you put up THIS year for your home. Make sure children are not in the pic for the contest. We do not want to give any clues as towho the trees belong to until the voting is complete! There will be rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Staff may submit as well, for Key will be the only one who will know who's tree is whose. We had a ball with this last year and it can be even greater fun this year! Since some do not put their trees up till just about Christmas time, the deadline for your picture will be December 25th so
all the Foxy Family has time to vote on their favorite trees.
Winners will be announced on New Years Eve!!!
More to come on this contest soon!! Keep watching!!
There will be NO TOURS held on Christmas Day so the hosts can enjoy their families.
We would like to congratulate Becker in her promotion to Co-Senior Admin. She will be working along side Jim (Denverwingsfan) in training new TD's. Becker is also learning parts of the front page so as to help Lee produce the most awesome page above all other leagues!!!

Congratulations also goes out to MrsTunes in her promotion as Lead Welcomer! She will be working along with Connie (Zacksnonnie) and Sandy(MrsB) in recruiting and welcoming our new members. Tunes will be sendingout Newcomer letters and also sending out “Wemiss you” letters to those whom we have not seen in a while! CONGRATULATIONS GALS! AND WELCOME TO YOUR NEW POSITIONS!!

A British New Year's Eve Bash will begin with Lee on December 31st at 3:00p through 7:00p, which is the British Midnight! The Dress is Formal – men in suits and ladies in dresses.

USA New Year's Eve Bash with Key (and Chris if I can twist his arm) will begin at 8:00p and run through midnight! The Dress is again Formal – men is suits and ladies in dresses. We know that we will have the first Midnight of the nation (EST) so we will be celebrating early for the rest of you! Come and join in the fun!!!

There will be a New Year's Ball on the front page for both sets of tours to bring in the New Year!!! Many prizes to be won and lots of
fun and excitement for those who will not be out partying New Year's