Foxysden Holiday Season is in full bloom! Lots of things are scheduled for the Den between now and New Years!

We have our Quarterly Marathon December 10th through the 16th where we will be giving away lots of prizes and gifts, one being 5 Gold Memberships for a year! If you are the lucky one to win in the tour picked for that give away and you have a gold membership already, when your renew date comes up, we will renew for you! If you happen to be Platnium or Diamond, the Gold Membership will be given in another tour.

Your Hosts, Jim, Gill, Joe and Key will each give one Gold Membership away in one of their tours! Cris will give away the 5th Gold Membership in the King or Queen of Games as an extra Bonus!

We will have the Christmas Tree Contest again this year! As soon as your tree is up, take a picture of it without any hints as to who it belongs to in the picture - like pets, kids, grandchildren and such, and send it to wolfcub-key@foxysden.net . We will post them and all can vote on which 3 they like the best! Prizes will be givin out to the top 3 winners!
The last day to send in your Tree pictures will be the 28th of December at midnight! The winners of the Christmas Tree Contest will be given on the 30th of December!

Please continue to send in your pictures for FALL, for THANKSGIVING, and for CHRISTMAS as soon as you can for each holiday! There are many new pictures on the slideshow and I am adding new pictures as they come in all the time for your enjoyment!


Cris, Joe and I would like to congratulate some Foxys for the month of November on their giving, helping, and supporting Foxysden.

Our first person we would like to recognize is one who has been a great support in the tours and is a joy, always cheerful and lots of fun! She plays as much as she possibly can when she is not babysitting her grandchildren!

The HAs would like to present the Player of the Month and a big THANK YOU and CONGRATS to Judy!

The next person we would like to congratulate is a person who is always supporting our League, whether hosting, playing, or just visitng as we play. She is one to say hi in rooms were the Den play for badges and for fun as well. She is very dependable, does not complain about situations, but tries to find solutions! Sweetie, you are such a joy to have aboard Foxysden Staff!

The HAs would like to present the Host of the Month and a big THANK YOU and CONGRATS to Maiden!

Clara, our dear, sweet Clara! You are a blessing to Foxysden and so loved by all! You are the Pogo Mama of our awesome HA, Cristean...you are a total support of the Den by attending all the tours, whether you like them or not, whether you know how to play them or not, you are a Blessing in many, many aspects. Cris, Joe and I can not thank you enough for all you do!

The HAs proudly present the Wolflady's Sportsmans Award, a big THANK YOU and CONGRATS to pistol packen' mama! Miss Clara!!

We also want to congratulate Joe in his win for TOC Champ of the month of November, and Sandy for winning the Staff v Member tour of the month for the Staff! Congrats to you both!


We had a Halloween Costume Contest for the end of October! Joe did a lot of work putting the pictures of the Costumes in our Website under "Fright Night!" We had 111 different costume ideas - and they were GREAT!!! Cris, Joe and myself went around and took lots of pictures during the tours for thie Contest.

Prizes are as follows:
All will receive 1000 BUXS
First Prize - GEM CARD
Second Prize - ALBUM
Third Prize through Sixth Prize - BADGE OF CHOICE

The lucky 6 winners of the Contest were as follows:
2nd Place - Cris
3rd Place - Key
4th Place - Joe
5th Place - Jim
6th Place - Key

CONGRATS ALL! If you would like to see the costumes, go to our webpage by clicking on the "More of Foxys Links" located under the Newsletter, Prayer Corner, and Calendar on the front page. Then click "Links" and at the bottom of the list on the left hand side you will see "Fright Night". Click on that and Enter if you Dare! The 6 costumes and what they won are there for all to see! If you missed seeing the 111 costumes, you really missed quite an amazing bunch of scary creatures!!! GREAT JOB ALL!

And a very special THANK YOU for a JOB WELL DONE JOE! You worked hard on setting this up and was quite an exciting master piece! Thanks a million!


We have a very talented young lady who makes beautiful cards for all holidays, birthdays, anniversarys, graduations, births, anything you would like a card for! She does these by hand and does an absolutely awesome job of it! I ordered cards for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as birthdays! WOW! I was so very impressed with her work! I know you will be too! This creative young lady is our Gillmark Lady, Gillian! Please, if you are interested in getting some awesomely beautiful handmade cards for your list, please pogo mail her and let her know you are interested and she will get out to you an example of her cards she has made up and the prices! Her pogo name is Gillian1167, her email address, if you would rather email her is Godspreciousjewel@hotmail.com
Truly, you won't be sorry! Thanks Gill for sharing your beautiful talent with Foxysden!


There will be an editorial going out on the 18th about Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy it!

Cris, Joe and I would like to thank each and every one of you on your participation and your giving of yourselves for Foxysden League. Without you, we would not be the best of the best league in the land!!!

We have many who are sick, having surgery, having financial problems, who are in need of sincere Prayer. Please lift up the League and the members of Foxysden before God asking for His Wisdom, Grace, Mercy and Love in each person's life and situation!

God Bless you all!
Happy Touring!
Cris, Joe, Key and staff