As the seasons change, so does Foxysden League. Because we have Diamond members in our family, we are able to update our awesome league to better your pleasure and fun! It also helps those of us who work "behind the scenes" to make our league the Best of the Best!
Here are a few of the benefits for our players...
The bux for each tour are much greater for you! The bux are now 150-200 per tour -BUT- the bux for the winner of the round and the tour are much greater! So jump and enjoy the Foxy Family!
Another benefit is that the front page is much better! Lee has added many awesome sites for you to enjoy! And...NO ADS!!! We have a lot more room to add fun things for our Den! Lee has added a Kids Corner, a site to watch Movies, Birthdays are listed, we have a Daily Prayer Corner for you as well, and a button to push if you are in need of bux. Please, if you need bux, do not hesitate to push the button. We are here to make things easier for your touring enjoyment!
The registraton is very easy as well! Case/Ladders sends you a daily email called "Daily Tournament Schedule". Click on the tours and register from there OR come to the front page of Foxysden and click on the section for joining a tour. The directions are right there to help you out! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Lee, Key or Chris for help.
Using this system also allows you to see the beautiful and funny tourney pages the hosts put on for your pleasure. Most have music to go along with their pictures. Some give prizes for a question asked about their tour page. So, look, listen, enjoy, and maybe win a prize!
We had a wonderful time during the 2nd Anniversary Marathon! Thanks to all who joined us! We had an awesome time, lots of winners of badges, badge albums, bux and much more!
During the Marathon we had a contest called "Name Suzy's Horse". Mrstunes won a year's membership to Pogo for naming the horse Beebop! Congrats Tunes! We want to thank Suzy for the wonderful gifts she gave out for prizes to the winner and to all who submitted a name!
We were saddened by the passing of a very dear friend and "Family member" of the Den. Wolflady, you are and will be greatly missed, but we know that you are, forever, in the presence of the Father!
The Staff of Foxysden would like to thank you for your support! Without you we would not be the awesome league that we are today! We love you all and appreciate you all for what you do and for your friendship! We want to let you all know that we are praying for those members who are having a rough time right now with illness, finances, and loss of family and friends. Our hearts are with you always!
Keep an eye out for details of November events. This newsletter will be updated often througout the month. Visit the front page daily!
Also, the button for "Vote for our League" puts us in the tip ranking for Premium Leagues. Please vote and see where we are each month. We are now in 9th place!!! Get your votes in!
Happy Touring!
Lee, Key, Chris, and staff