May 1, 2012

written by Keylalah

It's May! It's May! The merry month of May! The leaves are out, the Flowers are blooming, children are excited that there is only 6 more weeks of school! Proms are happening, field trips are happening, and seniors are getting ready to graduate and start a life and career of their own.

A very special and important day is this month as well!

May 13th is mama's special day!


to all the Mamas!

Make this a very special day and honor your mother by send her flowers, take her out to dinner, send her a card, take her to get ice cream, go on a picnic, spend the day with her, maybe reminiscing family pictures.

For the mamas who have passed on into the arms of the Father, honor them by remembering them. Take some time with family to talk about all the good times you had with your mother, the exciting times, the funny times, and go through the family album looking at pictures of mom, talking about special events, and memories that mean so much to you.

Below are a few letters to their Moms or about Moms

from the Staff of Foxysden


written by Connie

Most often when i think of you i think of what you've given, the softness of
your loving touch your gentle guide for living.

Your nightly tip toe in my room an understanding look but sometimes when i think of you i think of what you took.

You took a child and taught it how to live this life with pride, you took those kindergarten tears and kept them all inside.

You took the hands that longed to hold and never to let go, you used them for a gentle push so i could thrive and grow.

You took the time for other things to sew, and clean and cook and never thought to ask for thanks for all the things you took......



written by Cristean (Wolfcub)

God looked out and saw the little angels
decided to give them to the women of the world.
One by one they fell to earth
to find the one who would love them the most.
I was lucky and found the best!

So thank God...

That the one you found was the best!


written by Dave (war4him5)

A mothers love is like a rose...

The roots are what grounds us,

The stem allows us to grow,

The thorns protect us from all harm,

and the flower is our love for each other,

for all to see.


written by Jim (Denverwingsfan)

You know my mother, she's Mrsb

What you may not know is that she picked me

it wasn't God's choice, nor fate or genes

it was her choice and she chose me.

So Happy Mothers Day mom,

Thank you for making the right choice


written by Gillian

As I came into the world

And took my first breath,

We both cried but for different reasons.

You, because I’d finally arrived,

Me, because of my scary new environment.

As I was put into your arms

Our tears turned to smiles.

It was obvious we were happy to see each other.

A lifetime bond was formed.

As I grew older there were

More tears and smiles as

We learned about each other.

You taught me about kindness, honesty and love,

And I taught you that it’s OK to stop and smell the roses.

Together we learned and grew strong

Until our parent-child relationship

Became one of friendship.

We’ve laughed and cried so much

That there’s a huge river in heaven

With our names - Mother, daughter, friend.

Through calm, and, rough waters

God’s wind has always filled our sails.

Our journey continues still

With many more miles left to go.

I love you very much mother,

More than you will ever know.




written by Clara

God sent my MOM on this earth to be an angel and share her love of Him and help people in all her life. At the age of 13 she lost her mom and she had 5 siblings younger than she was, quit school at age 13 and raised those kids, which all turned out to be a great success in life.

She always wanted to be a nurse, so once me and my brother were grown and gone, she went to school and was a health care provider for several years.

Then she had cancer of the mouth 11 years...I never heard a complaint, only gave God the praise and glory.

Once, when she was in the hospital, I asked a nurse why God didn't take her out of her misery and her answer was that...

God was leaving her to be an influence on someone.

When she passed away she died with a smile on her face and at the funeral the minister said she had preached her own funeral by the way she lived her life here on earth...

I still can see that smile on her face as she went to the Lord!!

A great Christian Lady!


Written by Sandy (MrsB)

My Mother passed away in 1968.

I miss her as much today as I did that year.

I give my Mom credit for everything I have done in my life.

She was always there for me and always willing to discuss both my accomplishments and my mistakes I made.

I will never forget her!

We had a very successful Marathon this week! Many winners and lots of fun, surprises and prizes!

The following were BIG WINNERS for this exciting week:

April Marathon TOC winner

The winner of the Marathon TOC receives the following:

** Badge of choice

**3000 bux



Poker Championship for the month of April (played monthly)

The winner of the Poker Championship receives the following:

**A Certificate stating he/she has won for the month of...

**Name on Poker Championship Trophy

**A Gem Card

**5000 Bux



April Marathon King or Queen of Games

The winner of the King of Games receives the following:

**Name on the Crown Trophy

**A Gem Card

**5000 bux



April Marathon Miss Mini Pageant

Winner receives the following:

3rd Place Winner

**250 Bux

**Mini and Pet



2nd Place Winner

**500 Bux

**Background and Mini



1st Place Winner

**1000 Bux

**Background, Mini, and Pet

MISS MINI of the April Marathon of 2012


Runner Up Winners

**Mall Item

Maiden, Michele and Gill

Who Played the Most Tours Throughout the Marathon?

**Receives a Gem Card



Our next Marathon is planned for August!!

Hope you all join us for another exciting week!!

We would like to congratulate our new TDS!!


Connie (Zachsnonnie) and Gillian!!!

We would like to WELCOME all our new members who joined Foxysden in the month of April!! We are so glad you chose Foxysden! Hope you relax and enjoy your stay with us. The Foxy Family is a close knit family of friends who love, care, share, and enjoy each other!

Cris and Key would like to congratulate the following for having been chosen for the May awards:

Member of the Month


Staff of the Month


Wolflady's Sportsmanship Award


Cris and Key would like to thank you for your support and help in making Foxysden the best in the Land! It takes each and every one of us doing our part from behind the scenes to playing in the tours!

You all are the GREATEST!

Keep voting! We are really close with Gateway! The last 4 out of 5 months we have been number “1”! Help us to stay on top!!

God Bless and stay healthy!!

Happy Touring!

Cris, Key and Staff