MARCH...THE TIME FOR SHARING, CARING, LOVING, AND GIVING...that is what FOXYS DEN is all about 12 months out of the year! We are a close knit group who plays together, has fun together, cries together, congratulates our friends, helps our family, and are always there for each matter what the situation may be. We take care of our own! We are a unique group of people who have a heart, a sense of humor, enjoy each other, and no drama. What more could one ask for!
Foxy has been going through some really tough times in her family and has taken leave for a while until things settle. We ask that you pray for her and keep her in your hearts while she is out. Lee has been promoted to HA temporarily in Foxy's absence. Josh is the CO-HA. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to go to Lee or Josh. These men are trusted to the fullest by Foxy and she knows they will support your league in every way they can. So please, do not fear going to them...their services are there for YOU!
Speaking of support...if you would like to participate or help out the Staff in any way, please contact Lee or Josh, and let them know your desires! Thanks!
Congratulations goes out to our new TD, Alpo (Allen)! He is very good and fun to be with...come jump his tours and support his efforts!
Chula would like to know your anniversary date when you joined the League and your anniversary date for your wedding! Also your birthday month and date. Please help her out with those dates so they are placed on the calendar correctly. You can tell her while in a tour with her or POGO mail her. Thanks for your support in this project!
Chula also has an “APRIL FOOLS CONTEST” going on this week. Dress your mini in a fashion that fools everyone and keep your outfit on to be judged by the staff. 2 minis will be chosen and put before the league to vote on the best one. The winner will be chosen on April 1st! Join in and have fun!
Lee is going to open a “Foxysden Store” in the near future. He is looking for logos that can be placed on the items that are to be sold. Lee is asking that anyone interested, draw out your idea and submit to Lee. He will chose the best 3 logos for the items. He is interested in the children of the League to put in their ideas as well. There will be 1 logo chosen from children up to 15 years of age. One will be chosen from the 16 to 35, and one from 36 to 99. Please work on your logos...there will be more about all this in the very near future so keep watch!
We, at Foxys Den, want to bring in new people to join the family! We have come up with an incentive program to reward you for your efforts of inviting ones to join. The process is as follows:
      1. For every person you bring into the League, you will be awarded a Den Coin. This Den Coin will be worth 1 gem.
        A. You bring in 1 new Foxy, you will receive 1 Den Coin worth 1 Gem.
        B. You bring in the second new Foxy, you will get 1 Den Coin worth 1 Gem.
        C. You bring in the third, and fourth new Foxy, you will receive a Den Coin for each worth 1 Gem each.
        D. When you have brought in 5 new Foxys, you will get 8 Den Coins worth 8 gems.
        E. When you have brought in 10 new Foxys, you will get 18 Den Coins worth 18 Gems,
        F. 15 new Foxys = 25 Den Coins worth 25 Gems, and
        G. 20 new Foxys = 50 Den Coins worth 50 Gems!
      2. The new Foxys you bring in MUST become a league member and remain a League Member for 3 months (90 days) from their start date. On the Anniversary of their 90 days, you will receive your Den Coin.
      3. The new Foxys you bring in MUST play in at least 5 tours a week – any tour of their choosing.
The following are the new members brought in to the Den in the last month or so:
WELCOME ABOARD!!! If I have missed anyone, please let me know. Thanks!
The STAFF MEMBER FOR THE MONTH is Chula! Congrats to you Gal! You deserve it!
The MEMBER OF THE MONTH is Harpervallee – thanks so much for your support Jan!!
We don't want you to lose your hard earned bux by being purged!
Come jump a Tournament today!!!
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