written by Keylalah

We hope this year is a year of prosperity, of good health and lasting friendships!

The staff of Foxysden would like to welcome all our new members to the #1 League for the past 2 months and working on the 3rd month! We are here to help you in any way we can. Please do not be afraid to ask. Our goal is to do our best to help you enjoy yourselves, have fun, and become a part of a very loving and caring family.

For your convenience, there is a HA on call throughout the day. Lee (Huddlee) is on call from 1pm to 4pm. Chris (Wolfcub) is on call from 4pm to 7pm. Keylalah is on call from 7pm to close of the day. If you look at the top left of the front page you will see “League Admins”. If you are in need of anything or have a question, just click on the HA that is on duty and their email will come up. Send the message and we will get right back to you as soon as possible. If you have a complaint, please send all complaints to Chris (Wolfcub3). He will help you in that area.
Remember, no question is a dumb question.

Lee (Huddlee) is working on the backdoors to the games we host. When he has completed the process, you click on the game and it will take you to a page that explains the rules of the game. From that page you click again and it will take you to the appropriate room for the tour. Lee hopes to have this completed by the end of January.

The staff are working on adding new games for your enjoyment. We will have over 30 games that can be chosen for tours. If you have a game you would like to see in the list, please feel free to let us know. You can pogo mail us, email us, or talk to the HA on duty.

Games we host at the present are:

Bingo Luau Jungle Gin Shuffle Bump
Boardwalk Sea Ball Keno Pop! Sock Hop Slots
Canasta Lottso! Squelchies
Dice City Roller Mahjong Safari Swashbucks
Dominoes Mini Golf Madness Thousand Island Solitaire
Everyone Wins Bingo Monopoly Slots Tri-Peaks
Fortune Bingo Pogo Bowl Vaults of Atlantis Slots
Golf Solitaire Quick Quack Word Whomp
High Stakes Pool Qwerty Yahtzee Party!
Hog Heaven Slots Showbiz Slots II

We plan to add the following games by the end of the month:

Battle Phlinx Battle Ship Dice Derby
Euchre Hearts Poppit!
Sock Hop Slots Spades Word Search
We have a new fun challenge called “Key's Swap Shop”.
You will never know when the challenge will appear. All hosts will be playing “Key's Swap Shop” sporadically. So ya just don't know when the challenge will appear!
If you are the winner of a tour, and get a prize, you will have the option to turn in that prize for what is behind door number 1, number 2 or number 3.
Behind the doors will be one of the following:
behind one door will be lots of bux
behind one door will be a gem item, mall item
and behind one door will be a “booby prize” -
could be nothing, could be giving someone in the group a mall just never know what it will be.

The choice will be yours to keep what you have OR trade for one of the doors. I will give you an example of what could happen. This is only an will always be different:
Let's say Lee wins a tour and the prize is 500 bux. He can keep that 500 bux or give it back and pick door number 1, door number 2, or door number 3. Now, what he does NOT know is that behind door number 1 is 2000 bux, and behind door number 2 he has to give Chris a mall item, and behind door number 3 are 2 minis!! He chooses to turn in his 500 bux and picks door number 1. He gets 2000 bux for his tour win!!!
We hope that you enjoy this challenge and have fun with it!

Another Special that we are doing for you is, each host, once a week, will be having “HAPPY TOUR”. This will be a tour that will only cost you 60 bux to play and the winner gets 1000 bux!!!!!

If you have an idea for a fun challenge, please let Lee, Chris or Key know and we will see what we can do to set it up! All ideas will be considered!

Some have asked why it is costing more bux to play in tours than it used to.
We are now a premium league and have been for the last 2 months. Being a premium league we have many options, we did not have before, for your benefit!
One of those benefits is to win lots more bux per game! You may pay 150 or 200 for the tour, but in return you get the 150 or 200 back plus more! So you are actually coming out on top! Whether you win or lose, you come out on top!

If you are in need of bux, there will be a place on the front page to click for bux and you will receive them right away. Until that is in place, which should be by the end of the month, contact Lee (Huddlee), Keylalah, or Chris (Wolfcub3) and we will get you some bux immediately. Please do not be afraid to ask if you need Bux...we are here to make sure you enjoy your time in tours with the Foxy family.

Lee, Chris and Key would like to congratulate Clara68play to the Staff of Foxysden. She will be our Post Mistress, sending out letters to the new members of the League and sending letters to those we have missed in the last couple of months! She also will be collecting birth dates (month and day only) of everyone in the league to give to Tunes for a Birthday tour!
Congrats Clara and Welcome Aboard!

We would also like to congratulate MrsTunes in her promotion to Assistant Senior Admin! Tunes has been very faithful to the League and to the staff. She has been given much responsibility! We are so very grateful for all she does for us!
Congrats on your promotion hun!

Connie (Zacknonnie) has been named the Prayer Angel for her Prayer Corner. She has so faithfully put up a scripture every day for us to think upon. Many times it is a timely message that is needed in our lives and is much appreciated.
Thanks Connie and God Bless your service to God and to Foxysden.

Congrats goes to Sandy (MrsBmisty) in her promotion to Room Liaison. Sandy has done much to bring in and help new members get started in the league. She is our PR person in the tours!
We so appreciate your help Sandy! It helps the Staff immensely! Thank you!

There are some Den rules we would like to go over. Please read and follow these rules wherever you may be playing on Pogo. In tours, or out of tours, what we do, say, and how we present ourselves reflects on our league and our members.

      1. We will not tolerate rudeness to staff, members or other players in the tour rooms or lobby.
      2. We ask that you refrain from cussing, or talking inappropriately. You will be called on this if it happens in a tour, lobby, or other games where a member of the league is present.
      3. If you have a complaint, please talk to Chris (Wolfcub3) via a private room, an email or pogo mail. At no time will complaining be heard in the tours, lobby, or rooms.
      4. While playing in a tour, or while you are in the lobby, please leave home problems in your home. We all have problems but the tours and lobby are not the place to talk about them. Players are here to relax and get away from everyday worries and concerns – respect that. Again, you can get in a private room and discuss problems if you deem necessary.
      5. Good Sportsmanship is expected in the tours. If you lose a game or a tour, congratulate the winners. Do not grumble and complain. The atmosphere of the tours is always uplifting and praise is given to the winners who succeed. Negativity is not good sportsmanship.
      6. It is important that you show up for tours on time. Most tours are set up on the hour to make it easy to remember. If you are not in your tour by 5 after, you will be placed on a timer. When that timer goes off, you will be removed from the tour.
      7. The most important rule of all is to RELAX AND HAVE FUN!!!

Some of our members have had questions concerning cheating in Pogo. Their questions are, is it possible to cheat in Pogo? How are they cheating? No one is that good! For 2 years they have won every game. How can that be.......
I am going to explain some things to you that I found out about programs that you can use to cheat with. The following is a combination of my thoughts and what I have found concerning cheating in Pogo.....
When you think of casual games like Pogo, you generally do not think of cheating. The majority of games offered in pogo are not considered competitive. In fact, many of the games are single player games - so why are we cheating? Or is it considered cheating when we use a game auto?
A pretty good definition of what a game auto is can be described as a small program that runs on your PC and plays a game for you. Most game autos have a couple different settings to them such as speed, aggressiveness in wagering (in certain card game autos), and other settings depending on the game. Once you set these to your liking you load the game, start the game auto, and let it run. It plays the game for you.
As you know, we get tokens to use in the Mini Mall. We also get badges and challenges weekly rewarding players with these badges. One of the most obvious reasons for wanting to use a game auto is the addictiveness of these badges to certain players, often referred to as badge hounds.

Is this fair play?

Let me begin by giving this initial warning. While I cannot say I have read Pogo rules and securities in its entirety, I would be almost 100% sure in saying that if you were caught using a game auto your account would be terminated, so just keep that in mind. The question then would be does EA have the desire to detect such activity? More than likely they do care, but its not a top priority. Think about it, most of the games are single player games. But I do know this, Foxysden absolutely will not put up with it. You will be terminated immediately.
I do not think it is fair to use a game auto for competitive games offered on the site like Pool, or Bowling... but life isn't always fair and you and I have no control over what someone else decides to do.
In my humble opinion, you should just play the games you enjoy. Don't worry about the number of badges you have or the amount of tokens in your profile! Just play and HAVE FUN!
( editorial by Keylalah 01-10-2012 )

Foxysden Staff, Lee, Chris, Key, Jim, Tunes, Clara, Sandy and Connie would like to thank you all for your support, your ideas and your help. We would not be the #1 league without your help! We could not be the best of the best leagues in Cases without your help! We would not have the loving, giving, caring, sharing, understanding and Blessed league we have without YOU!
Happy Touring!
Lee, Chris, Key and Staff
Foxysden League