Thank you Capt'n Cristean Sir! Was quite an exciting voyage! We stopped at Penguin Blocks for supplies to start our journey for booty and fun! (ooops me means hard work, fighting eels, sharks, and squid to find the booty!)

If it weren't for Dotty telling Capt'n Cris the way to go, we might have been lost at sea!

We found booty at Golf Solitaire, Word Whomp Isle, Lost Temple Poker amongst other isles!

After 4 days at sea the crew was gettin' mighty hungry - so Capt'n Cris swung the ship towards Quick Quack Island for some ducks!! He already had Second Mate Joe workin' in the galley fixin' some of that yummy duck sauce he puts together!!
Then he ordered Crewman Gill (ya know the one that is a bit Poppit...as the Capt'n says)to get the Foxysden Ship safely through the Pool of sharks. (ya have to be a bit poppit to pull that off!)
From there Harem Master Jim took the wheel and got her to Tri Peaks Island fer food and bounty, then on to Hog Heaven Isles fer Hog and Grog!

But me was thinking it a bit suspicious when Harem Master took the crew into the jungle for Gin! (me smells a mutiny being planned)
Just as I thought, after the rum, and the grub, and the rum, the crew declared mutiny! But First Mate Keylalah (that's me) led the fight agains the crew and won the battle for the Officers!

The crew was worried that Capt'n Cristean would make them walk the plank in shark infested waters! But Capt'n Cris, the soft, kind heart that he has, threatened to drop them off on the smallest deserted island he could find in the middle of the ocean if they tried that again!

The next day, while sailin' the ocean blue, outta no wheres came this ship called the Englands Roses! Could see their flag of Roses flyin' high! They spotted our flag with the Fox on it and decided they were going to board the Foxysden, beat the officers and crew in DCR and take her over!

Capt'n Cristean was gonna have none of that! He blew his whistle (which meant git up on deck and git there NOW!) So the crew and officers all clammered to the top to see what the warnin' be about!
When we got there - we looked out to sea and saw a big ship headed right for us with the flag of Roses flyin' high!

Capt'n Cris hollered, "Man your stations...get those dice ready to roll, we are aiming to win this here DCR and take over the Englands Rose...stand yer ground or be the locker for ye!!"
First mate Keylalah (that's me) of the Foxysden and First mate Roger of the Englands Roses took sides with their crew.
Roll call was given on both sides! Players were given and the shout to "GOOOOOOOOOOO"! was heard for many a nautical mile, and off they went!

All were rolling the dice fighting for the top position! Yells of, "Get off me head", "Ye heel is in me eye!", "Throw me the rope!", "Hurry up Foxys, get up there or walk the plank", "Come on Roses, ye can get 'em"!
Back and forth the battle went, up the board, down the board, passin' this one and pushing that one, till finally there were 2 players left! One from the Englands Roses, Ms Sweets, and from Foxysden, crewman Sixxamom (Judy).

The tension grew as Sweets and Judy were preparing for the final blow! Both Capt'ns were giving last minute instructions...like "win this here DCR crewman Judy or wear the dreaded BARREL"..."you can do it Sweets, win or lose you are the best!"
No pressure...as the timer began both Judy and Sweets were rolling them dice with all the wishing and sweat they could muster! Both sides were hollering encouragements to the 2 pirates, like...lose and you walk the plank!
It looked good for Judy...up there on top, then Sweets flew passed her, back up Judy went...who will be the Champion and save her ship, her capt'n boarding the other, taking over the officers and crew, booty, and of course their parrot?
Sun was fallin' in the ocean as the final bout was played...then the time ran out...Ms Judy of Foxysden won the battle! She was saved from the dreaded BARREL! The Englands Roses were defeated. The Battle was over! And what a battle she was!

Again, Capt'n Cristean, the soft, kind heart that he has, allowed the Englands Roses to remain free and the officers and crew were returned to their ship, BUT the parrot stayed with Capt'n Cris. The Rose was freed only with the stipulation she return and fight again! Planning to do Battle in Bowling next time!

After that nutorious battle, there were some relaxin' times the crew had too, all work and no play makes the crewmen ouchie!
A stop at the Swash Bucks Inn was in order (Capt'n said the wenches were fine!)
There were mermaids at Squealchies Cove, fighting wenches at ShowbizII Taverns,
why even Capt'n Cris was having fun tossin' Bowling balls to the crew!

The Foxys stopped in at the High Stakes Poker Inn to spend some of their pieces of eight...and who should they have a run-in with? Pistol Packin' Mama! The meanest pirate Poker player of the seven seas!!
Needless to say who won that night!
Shiver me timbers! And I do mean shiver!! You would too if you had that pistol pointin' at you under the table, just awaitin' to pull that trigger if ye won the hand!

Pssst, come here mateys, want to tell ye something so funny that ye will shake your stump off!...(first mate Key looks around to make sure the capt'n can't hear...)Capt'n Cris had so much relaxin' that he lost his new Capt'n's silky shirt he "accidently" picked up from Englands Roses Ship while playin' slots on Mono Slots Island...and...hehehe, he ran into Captain Casino Blackjack and lost his skivies!!! (ROFL)!!
Hmmmm, wait a minute, thought he told us he don't wear skivies...

Oh and I was so Bejeweled the night Capt'n Cristean got me a bit o' Sweet Tooth! (dreaming...)
Must of been the grog!

Ok down to business...as the capt'n says! Time to give the voyage reports!

We had lots and lots of pieces of eight given out, lots of treasure, and a few booby pieces here and there!

Many thanks go to all who played in the tours and helped in so many ways!
Capt'n Cristean and First Mate Keylalah would like to thank the following for going over and above on helping this August 2013 Pirate Maration become the best Marathon in the history of Foxysden!

Thank you Crewman REBA and Angel of the Sea, CONNIE for your giving of Badge Albums and Badges to the winners of tours! That was much appreciated by the HAs and the players!

The Top 5 Players who played the most tours during the Marathon were:

First Place, Ms Clara with 54 tours played! Clara won a pair of Heathergem Earrings from Scotland! Congrats Clara!

Second Place went to Ms Connie with 50 tours played! Connie got a Badge Album of choice!
Congrats Connie!

Third Place went to Ms Judy with 48 tours played! Judy won a Premium Badge of Choice!
Congrats Judy!

Fourth Place was Ms Key with 41! Congrats!
Fifth Place was Ms Sandy with 33! Congrats Sandy!

Very good job and thanks for your faithful support of Foxysden!

We had a tie for the most tours won throughout the August 2013 Maration.

Congrats goes to the Angel of the Sea, Ms Connie, and to First Mate Keylalah!! Each had 10 tours! A job well done!

The Pieces of Eight that were given in winnings during the August 2013 Marathon were as follows

First Mate Keylalah - 12000 bux

Crewmand Clara 9000 bux

Crewman Dawn 7000 bux

Crewman Cutipie 5000 bux

Crewmen Gill, Sandy and Connie - each got 2000 Bux

CONGRATS to you all!

If you would like to know who won what during the Aug 2013 Marathon - go to the website under Marathon Information and to Crew Booty. There you will find the list of each individual.

First Mate Key's Member Appreciating Tour was won by crewman Cutipie! She won 5000 bux and the Key's Member Appreciation Avatar! She also won the beautiful Mermaid Black Pearl Nechlace!

The HA's Appreciation Tour was won by crewman Dawn! She won the Queen of the August 2013 Marathon! She received the HA Appreciation Avatar, a Gem Card, her name of the trophy located on the front page and a beautiful Heather Gem from Scotland!
Congrats Hun!


I would like to take this opportunity to speak a word about our HA Cristean.
Cris was the total creator of this exciting journey from the first thoughts, to putting on paper, to organizing all the tours, all the gifts, all the avatars, all the tourney pages, all the website pages that were involved with this Marathon, to make it the best Marathon in the history of Foxysden!

Cris started over 2 months ago planning this week long quest! He ordered and paid for all the prizes given during this tour, he created everything from start to finish!
I personally want to thank you Cris for a beautiful job well done! Thank you so much sweetie for your imagination, your love for this league and your giving heart! We are truly blessed having you as our HA, our leader, our friend!
God Bless you abundantly for who you are to this league, to each and every individual of the league and to who you are to me. Thank you Sweetheart!

Captain Cris and 1st Mate Key would like to thank you for all your support throughout the Marathon.
It was greatly appreciated.
We truly hope you enjoyed your journey!
God Bless