Bagpipes amazing grace 12 19 09

                                                             A Silhouette of  Beauty
by Rebecca Rowland
                                          The water ripples with the rhythm of music,                                      
                                                     the mystery of the pipes so eerie,
                                           and the sky shows its color and glorious light,    
                                              while the eyes of the world grow weary.
                                              The colors of gray and dullness of life,
                                              are the visions man sees of his future,
                                            noise of confusion and vastness of  hate
                                        blocks the truth and fullness of the Savior
                                       Open your mind and clear out the confusion
                                                change your expectations
                                  Seek peace and happiness, joy and redemption
                                      surrounded in His love and creation.
                                The man who is playing those pipes at dawn,
                                 is a true man of God whose heart is strong,
                                 whose love is real and faith above others,
                             playing from his soul to share with his brothers.

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