clan blessing 2011

The Man of Passion

By Rebecca Rowland


Listen to this man, this man of God,

Who sings with such control, strength, power and such love!

A powerful man, yet a man with compassion,

 Whose cup overflows with the radiance from above!


A man who sings with such care and passion,

An angelic and powerful sound.

 Such beauty he shares through word and note.

He draws me to follow his journey abound.


Such emotion, such grace and fulfillment of his gifts he shares!

Without hesitation, without regret,

With all his heart and with all his soul!

Fierce as a lion, yet as meek as a lamb...his life is set.


This is a man whose life is God,  whose walk is solid, and whose faith is strong!

A man whose compassion is LIFE, Eternity, and Love!

Shut your eyes and listen to his voice, his heart and his song!

You too will be drawn with the radiance of peace from above!


Background by Karin's Creations