As the new year blossoms, may the journey of your life be fragrant with new opportunities, your days be bright with new hopes and your heart be happy with love!

Cris and I wish you lots of fun, happy moments and abundance of love to be ushered into your life with some memorable moments to be cherished throughout your life this New Year.

2014 was a very successful year for Foxysden! We made new friends, enjoyed our old friends, had many additions to the website, fun contests throughout the year, many prizes and gifts were given, big bux were won, never a dull moment in the Den!

Along with all the good things that happened and the good times we had, there were some hardships with illnesses, injuries, surgeries, loss of loved ones and friends.
We had happy and joyous times, congratulating others, happy for others, excited to see others exceed in games, challenging tours, getting better and better!
We also had some sad times, hurting times when part of our Den Family was hurting, in need, facing unknown things, mourning loved ones, sick physically and fighting computer problems.
But through all this, what meant the most was the true love, compassion, giving, sharing, helping, praying concern that our online Foxysden family had and have for each other.
This is what Foxysden is all about, this is what makes us unique, this is what makes us the best league in the land!

Family is more than those who you are related to. Family are those who loved you when you needed it the most and ask for nothing in return. This is Foxysden!

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize our staff. We have a great bunch of people who make up the staff and work hard throughout the year to make this league the best for YOU!

I want to thank Cristean, our HA, for all his hard work, thought, skills, creativity, love, compassion, and giving heart for our league, Foxysden!
Most of you dont know what all goes on behind the scenes of the league, the many parts of the website, the front page, and all that goes into running a very special league like ours.
Much time every day, many hours of planning, making good decisions, creating new ideas for each month, working out the fun tours, times, scheduling, making sure that all areas of the league are flowing without a hitch.
Our HA is constantly on top of things making sure that all is done in an orderly, workable fashion, again for YOU!
Cris not only puts his heart in everything that is done in the league, he also puts out-of-pocket over $3,000 per month to add all the extras that make the Den an awesome league for all. He does this for YOU! His passion for this league and its members is true and strong!
Many have misjudged Cris, but I will tell you true, this man is fair, his integrety is everything, he is true to his word and does not beat around the bush. He will not tolerate cheating, lying, rudeness and disrespect towards the hosts or the family members of the Den.
I don't know about you, but I have all the respect and trust in our HA! We could not ask for a better one!
Thank you Cris from the bottom of my heart for making 2014 the best year yet for Foxysden!

Always be Happy, always wear a smile .. Not because life is full of reasons to smile, but because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile.

Cris and I would like to recognize Joe, our Assistant Co-HA and brother of our HA, for all the awesome talent, abilities, ideas and knowledge he shares with us behind the scenes.
Joe is our professional graphics man for the Website...many of the ideas for the website, the different sections offered in it, and the make up of the site are mostly done by Joe. Cris also contributes to this effort.
Joe created the Recipe Book, the Christmas site, the News Flash, Computer Helps, all of what you find in Links, the list goes on and on.
Much time is spent daily all throughout the day putting info in the website, winners, avatars, contests, keeping everything up to date daily for YOU.
Joe also runs tours and helps Cris in any way he can. Joe has a heart of gold, a love and a passion for the work he does for Foxysden. We are very Blessed to have such talent available for us!
Just one more aspect of why our league is unique and the Best!
Joe also is a man of integrety and fairness. He, too, does not beat around the bush...he tells us upfront what is right and wrong. We cherish Joe as an awesome help to the League, to the staff, and as a friend of Foxysden.
Thank you so very much Joe for your support! Very much appreciated!

May you achieve success in every facet of life and all your heartfelt wishes comes true.

Cris, Joe, and I would like to thank our Senior HTD Admin for his hard work and help he has given the HAs. Jim has been a support to both the staff and the members. He is our "Harem Master" to the ladies (hehehe) and makes sure they are treated with respect and fairness as well. Jim does all our special tours for us as well as his one regime of tours on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. He takes care of the TOC (Tournament of Champions)tours and our Staff v Members tours throughout the month. He also does BOLs (Battle of Leagues) once in a while as well.
Jim also has compassion for Foxysden and respect for our members. Thanks so very much Jim! You are greatly appreciated!

Next we would like to thank our newly assigned Co-HTD Admin, Gillian for all her help and support of the league and its members. She has a special program she does for Foxys on Sunday evenings called the PJ Tours! Lots of fun, lots of gifts, and much appreciated host! Silly Gilly always brings laughter to the tours! She is our Sunshine! Gill also hosts other tours and is always ready and willing to step in when and where needed for the staff!
Thank you Gillian, we so much appreciate you and your spirit!

This next person we would like to thank is a very special lady who has so much love, concern, and passion for our Foxy members. Connie is our Prayer Angel. You can always count on her to lift you up in prayer as needed, and to place your requests on her website for all to see in the Links section of the site. Connie also writes beautiful poetry and has a beautiful singing voice! She has shared both for the League to enjoy. Again you will find her Blessed talent on the website.
Connie is very supportive of the staff and members. You are so appreciated Connie...thanks for your heart!

Our Post Mistress is Clara. She is a huge help to me and the staff! She sends out Pogo mail to all the new members welcoming them and asking them for information that we need for the Address book, our card list, birthday info to set parties and much, much more!
I don't know what I would do without her in this area. Saves me so much time and she is a blessing to others! So please...get your birthdays to her so we can set up a special tour to celebrate!!
Thank you Clara, you are so appreciated for what you do in the league!

Last but by no means least, is our Room Liaison, MrsB. Sandy has a heart of gold, very respectful of others and has a love for each and every one. She is a friend to all and is our connection between members and staff! Sandy is a valued player and is loved by all...our Mom of the league!
Sandy is also the mother of our Harem Master, Jim! Boy does she keep him in line! We all know that when she says James Patrick...he better straighten up or duck! (hehehe) Sandy is a sweetheart and very much loved by Foxysden!
Thank you Sandy for all you do and represent in the Den! You are so very much appreciated!

We celebrated our 5th Anniversary as a League in October. These precious people have been our staff for the last 4 years. The best staff for the Best League in the Land!

Success can be measured not only in achievements, but in lessons learned, lives touched and moments shared along the way

We have many winners for December we wish to recognize.

The following 3 cagegories were voted on by the members of Foxysden:
Congrats goes out to Gillian for Member of the Month Award. Way to go Gilly!
Our Wolflady's Sportsman Award goes out to a lady who has been a great help to the staff and is well deserved of this award! Congrats Connie!
Our Staff of the Month Award goes out to Keylalah.

Foxysden Theme Award goes to Sandy! Congrats on your win as the #1 mini for the month of December!
Sandy's mini is on the front page under the staff pictures!

The other winners of the 10 chosen were Connie, Key, Clara, Cris, Lulu, Sue, Connie and Sandy!
Congrats to all! An excellent job!

Our theme for January is Foxys New Year! Get them done and let me know. I will pick them up and prepare them for Cris and Joe.

The Christmas Tree winners were Connie and Clara! Congrats gals! Both won a Badge Album!

Our Streaker for the month was Lulu with 20 pts! Way to go Lulu!

Our Streaker for the year of 2014 was none other than our HA, Cris!! Way to go with 27 pts!! (now put the kilt back on! hehehe)
Our runner ups were: Key with 26 pts, Key with 22 pts, Connie with 21 pts.
There was a tie for 5th place...the 5th place winners were Judy, Lulu and Cris of 20 pts each. (There is one winner per month.)

Foxysden Queen for the month of December was Connie! Congrats hun!
Her mini is also at the bottom of the staff pictures on the front page! and in the website under Queens!

Our Miss Mini Pageant Queen for 2014 was Miss Connie! Congrats on a job well done!! She is our reigning queen for 2013 and 2014! Connie won a year of Pogo, a gem card, a badge album and 10000 bux!
If you would like to be a Queen for a month and possibly Queen for the year 2015, come to the Tours from 6-8 every Saturday! The rules are on the website! All ladies are welcome! The men come to gauck at the ladies and give their support too!

The most wins for the year of 2014 was a close one.
The 1st place winner was Clara with 374 wins! Congrats hun!! Thanks for your support!

The second place winner was Key with 371 wins!
And our third place winner was Connie with 265 wins! Congrats Gal! Thanks for your support!

Foxysden Bowling League winners for 2014 were Jim and Judy of the Pinbusters Team!
Congrats to you both! Their point score was 127! Very good job!

What’s more important: trust or honesty... both because in order to trust you must be honest!

We have added 2 new people to the Staff in January.

If you are an early bird or a night owl...these hosts are for you!!

The HAs would like to welcome monkeysanders55 as HTD! Monkey will be running morning and evening tours when her works schedule allows. So please check and refresh the front page often for her tour(s) to be listed. Please support her! She is a seasoned host and is very good!

We would also like to welcome ginaluvsdreams as TD! Gina comes as a seasoned host as well and will be doing morning and evening tours through 2am. Again, please refresh often to check and support her tours!

Happiness is one of the choices many of us forget we can CHOOSE.

Cristean, Keylalah and Joseph wish you and yours a very safe, healthy and prosperous year in 2015!
May God richly Bless you and keep you!

Hear with your heart, see with your soul, be guided by a hand that you cannot hold, and trust even if you cannot see. That's how faith must be. Wish you a faithful Year ahead.