OCTOBER 23, 2012

Foxysden...what an awesome Family! Thanks to each and every one of you for making this league #1! The best of the Best in the Land! Cris, Joe and Key are so very proud of each and every one of you!

To give you a little bit of history about Foxysden, our league was founded by Foxyuk, who was HA, and NHRAFAN83, who wished to remain anonymous at the time, October 23, 2009. Foxy brought on Huddlee to be Co-HA to help her run the league.

Within the first year, Foxysden had 28 games going and a decent staff. Foxyuk did a great job of building the league. After a while, due to Foxys health, family issues, and her mother's health, she was unable to cover the HA position she so loved. So she turned the League over to Huddlee as temporary HA until things got better and she could return. Huddlee, during this time dropped the games from then 22, to 15 but continued to build the league.

Foxyuk was not able to return so Huddlee become perminant HA of Foxysden with Keylalah as Co-HA.
In February of 2011, we got a new Head Administrator, Wolfcub3, with Keylalah remaining Co-HA. At that time we had 50 members in the league.

Wolfcub3, Cris, has done an excellent job in building the league in so many ways!

It was pretty shaky at first. This was totally new to Cris, and I was left in the dark as to how to run the league. Information was not shared, so Cris did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions as to how, when, where, who, what...

Cris has been a Host for the Den and has hosted 576 tours and has jumped many, many tours for his Hosts. He also has upgraded Foxysden to a Premium League, has hired Angie, who is a fantastic designer for our front page, upgraded the chat box, added special sites such as the Prayer Corner, Newsletter, Calendar, upgraded the Slideshow abilities, has increased our game list to 44 which are played weekly, and have a fantastic "backdoor" system to make it easy for access to the games we play and their rooms. He also added to the backdoor, under each game, the rules of the game so all can be prepared to play when entering a tourneys. Wolfcub3 has gotten rooms that now belong to Foxysden for all 44 games, has a schedule set up for the tours that works perfectly giving the HAs a break one day through the week and now Sundays...all this and more done in less than a year's time.

We have also been blessed by Cris's youngest brother, Wolfscub5, better known as Joe. Joe joined us about 2 months ago and is Asst Co-HA as well as a Host for the Den when needed. He has hosted 121 tours so far and jumps many of the Hosts tours when needed. Joe has done fabulous things for the league, such as adding a site for our Recipe Book, a Memorial site for ones in the league who have passed on to be with the Father, Meet our Admins and Staff section, placing a page on the website for our Halloween contest we are having this month which is totally awesome! Such a talent Joe has and so very much appreciated! He also does all the tourney pages for the Hosts. What an awesome job he does! If you have not seen his work, you are truly missing it! Joe has done many, many things to perfect Foxysden!

The above things are all "behind the scenes" things that make our league the best. What truly makes our league are the members of Foxysden! Each and every one has made a big difference in making the Den the Best of the Best in the Land! We have a very unique culture that makes up Foxysden. We have loving, caring, sharing, understanding, and giving members, most who pray and love God, and are our "2nd family"!.

We have many talents among our "Family". We have our Senior Admin, Denverwingsfan19, Jim, who has been with us from the start. Jim also Hosts and has hosted 527 tours and jumps when he can for the other hosts. He has special tours he does twice a month and has weekly tours where he wears the hat of "Harem Master"!

We have Gillian, who is our Gillmark Lady! She is very talented in making her own cards and journals. She sends out cards to the Den Family when they are feeling under the weather, have a Birthday to celebrate, or just need a card in the mail to lift their spirits! Gill also is HTD and hosts tours, her number is 177. She also jumps to help other hosts when needed. Gill runs a special group of tours on Sunday evenings called "The PJ Tours" and every other Sunday she has her Campfire Storytime PJ Tours where Gill starts a story and all participate in telling the story while playing a game! She makes these tours a lot of fun and gives many gifts to the players of her tours! Oh, by the way, Gillian is our longest running active member of Foxysden!! Congratulations Gilly, you have added so much life to our family! We thank you for being YOU! Gill, being HTD of the league so graciously stepped in without hesitation to run the league when Cris and Key were out of electricity for about 5 days due to bad storms and could not be online. She did an excellent job of keeping things rolling! Can't do without her!

WolfMaiden, what a diligent, helpful, and appreciated TD she is. She is always on time for her tours, very dedicated and cares a lot about her players. She never shys away from a tour even when she is sick if she can help it. We can totally count on her and know she is doing her best, no matter what she is feeling. Very dedicated and very much loved by all the family! Thank you sweetie for your heart!

Prayer is something that the Den family believes in and depends on when trouble or sickness arises. Many of us pray for our fellow members. We have a lady who takes care of our Prayer Corner and adds prayers for all requests that are brought to her attention. She, like many Foxys, have a prayer list of ones needing prayer and lift them up each and every day to the Father. This lady is also a Host and has hosted 172 tours. She also jumps other tours to help out the Hosts. This lady's name is Connie, Zacksnonnie2. We appreciate all you do for the league and for your heart Connie. God Bless your work!

Clara, our dear sweet Clara! What a precious woman she is! She is 73 years young and so very active both in life and in the Den! She plays bridge every week with her girlfriends, she gardens which she cans and freezes. She has 4 grown children that keep her busy as well as her "Main Squeeze" Joe whom she loves dearly. She is quite the samaritan to many of her friends and is loved by all. For the league she is no different. She plays in all tours whether she likes the games or not, just to be supportive of the Hosts. She is our Post Mistress, taking care of sending out letters to all the new people who come aboard, gets birthdays, email addresses, home addresses for Gill so she can set up parties, send out cards, and set up a Christmas list for the League. Clara is very special to our HA, Cris. She is his "Pogo Mama" and gives advise when she feels it is needed. She also is a great support to Key and to Joe in the same manner. It is good to have someone there for us when things get rough "behind the scenes". Thank you sweetie, we Love you and so appreciate you! Oh, and Clara is our Pistol Packin' Mama when it comes to poker! Wow what a pro! (of course if the 6 shooter she brings along with her is pointed at you, ya kinda "let her win" hehehehe).

Our Room Liaison is Sandy. Sandy helps with communications between players and the HAs. She is very good with people and befriends them. She is there to support them and help them in any way she can. Sandy is 74 years young and a sweetheart! She is so loved by all and such a support of the evening tours when she can. Thanks Sandy for who you are, and for your heart! She is Jim's mama - you know...the Harem Master? So she has her hands full keeping him in line! It is nothing to see her write "James Patrick!!!" Rut roh - in trouble now! LOL!

The ones mentioned above are the back bone of Foxysden League...Our Staff! Thank you for all you do to make Foxysden unique,special, exciting and Fun!
There are others in the league who are great supporters of the tours each and every day! They are a joy to host for! These people bring with them a ray of Sunshine, a smile on their faces, and bring life into the tours - so much silliness and laughter! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Fiesta, Saga, Sue, Karen, Wendy, Toni, Judy, Meg, Suzy, Nancy, Joan, BeeBee, Scooby, Rosy, Carol, Ray, Monkey, Betty, Queenie, Bill, Ira, Mooky and many others that make it when they can! You help make the League the greatest!

To close our 3rd Anniversary Newsletter, I would like to mention what is in store for the rest of the year.

We are in the workings of a Halloween Costume Contest. Foxys are dressing up their minis in many forms of Halloween styles and submitting them to Joe to place in the "Fright Night" section of the website. If you have not been there, you are missing some awesome and some scarey and some ugly looking creatures! On the 29th and 30th, Joe has placed an email right above Fright Night that you can submit your votes for the top 6 costumes! On Halloween day, we will announce the winners! So get your costumes on and change often. The HAs are also going around in the tours and taking pictures of different ones and placing them in Fright Night as well.

Starting on the 22nd of this month we will begin the celebrating of our 3rd Anniversary as Foxysden with tours, prizes, gifts, surprises and FUN! Our actual Anniversary date is October 23rd. There will be lots of things announced and given away on that day. So be sure to join us! The celebration will end with the last tour of the evening on the 28th. Dont miss out!

We will celebrate November with an awesome front page of Thanksgiving and fall. December will be of Christmas. Many things will be planned for November and December, as well as January of 2013.






God Bless you all!
Cris, Joe and Key wish you Happy Touring and a Happy and Safe Halloween