A spooky month, October can be!
Falling leaves, howling winds so chilly!
Daylight is getting shorter and darkness lingers,
Pumpkins begin smiling, harvest time for the winter
Goblins, ghosts and witches begin to appear
To scare all those who try to come near!

Keep an eye out and you just might see
The headless horseman on his mighty steed
Or maybe a witch as she flies by on her broom
Might even see the Great Pumpkin under the full moon
Creepy crawlies and monsters of all sorts...
You will find them all on Halloween...
on your front porch!

written by Key


Lots of exciting things are happening in the Den this month!

Spooky Slots is back and we will be playing it every day throughout October;
One time a day at different times of the day!
We will have a SPOOKY CONTEST in Spooky Slots each day with a winner for the spookiest!
So come prepared and have a ghoulish good time!

Our Monthly Theme is of course, Halloween! You may submit 4 outfits beginning Oct 1st! Make them scary, spooky, funny or fancy - but make sure Halloween is your theme!

If you need help in getting them to us, please save them in your snapshots, title them
"Monthly theme-(your name)-October"
and let me (Key) know. I will come get them and give to Cris.
Some of you who are not doing this make more work for Cris. Please be fair and understanding and follow the rules.
If you do NOT know how to go to "PAINT" to "CLIP" and "CUT" then please do not send them to Cris, contact me and I will get them for you.
Thanks for your total cooperation in this matter. And have fun creating!


Cris has started a new tournament for Foxys. He is starting a Team Bowling Tourney beginning this Saturday at 8:00pm. The teams have been chosen for this first month. The tourney will run for a month to start. We want to see the interest before we make it a longer Tournament. If you are not in the first tourney, please let Cris know you are interested, come play with us, and see how it is run. Next month you will be ready to join in the competition! There will be a Champion Team at the end of the month, just as we do for Poker. Their reward for being the best team is a Gem Card for each member of the winning team!!

Each Team needs to get together and decide a name and password for their team BEFORE SATURDAY'S TOURNEY. This name and password are to be used when reg each week for the match. Only you and your partner are to know the password. This is for you both only.

IMPORTANT NOTE: BEFORE SATURDAY'S TOURNAMENT...It is VERY IMPORTANT that all who are in this month's tourney, and all who are interested in playing in next month's tourney, go to the website and on the left where the list of sites are look for "Team Bowling" for important information from CASES concerning the rules for registering for such a tournament. This way, on Saturday, you will be prepared and know what to expect.


We have some winners of awards Cris, Joe and I would like to congratulate!

The one that was chosen "Staff for the Month" is one everyone dearly loves and appreciates...one who thinks he is Harem Master, so us ladies just let him continue to believe so! (hehehe)
CONGRATS JAMES! And thanks for a job well done!

We choose a "Member of the Month" by their attendence in tours, their personality, their kindness to others and their support.
This month we have chosen Frieda! CONGRATS HUN!

The "Wolflady's Sportsman Award" goes to someone who goes over and above to help both members and staff throughout the month with kindness, support and leadership. We have chosen a person who fits those catagories!
CONGRATS MS DAWN! A job well done. Thank you!

We would like to recognize our winners for special tours in September.

Our first winner is the Poker Champ! Congrats Key!

Our next winner is the Queen of Miss Mini Pageant! Congrats Queen Connie!
Her runner ups were, 2nd runner up, Dawn! Congrats Dawn
Her first runner up, Judy! Congrats Judy!!

Our winner for Staff v Member was Connie! Congrats on winning for the staff! No barrel and bucket of worms this month!!! (hehehe)

The winner for the TOC was Dawn! Congrats gal!

And our streakers for September were:
First Place was triple tie! CONGRATS goes to
Joe, Judy and Sandy!
All tied with a streak of 20!

Second Place was a tie! CONGRATS goes to
Connie and Key with a streak of 19!

Third Place CONGRATS goes to
Clara with a streak of 18!

The most games won for the month of September was 48, accomplished by Key!
Second place was Clara with 29 games won.
Third place was Cris with 28 games won.
CONGRATS to you all!


We have 4 Birthdays this month! Party time wooohoooo! The dates and times for the parties will be put on the website for you.


Mrs B - Oct 11th
Carol - Oct 15th
Judy - Oct 19th
Fiesta - Oct 21st

Be sure to wish these ladies a Happy Birthday!

Ladies please get with Clara on your information - Who, What, When and Where. Thanks!


October is a very special month for Foxysden! The 23rd will be our 4th Year Anniversary as a League!!
Cris and Key would like to thank the staff and all the members for a great 4 years!
There are many more to come!

More on how we will celebrate our GREAT DAY soon!


Let's not forget about our Foxysden Emporium! Holidays are coming up! What great gifts to give to Foxy friends, to family, and friends.

Remember, we, as a League, are donating money monthly for supplies to be sent overseas to our men and women who are keeping us safe here at home! Take advantage of the store for the holidays and give a great Blessing to our soldiers who will not be home with their families during this Holiday Season.


Joe would like your recipes for the Holidays! Please put some time aside to write out your favorites and send to him; for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...lots of catagories for different foods. Go to our Foxysden Website and see what Joe and our Den members have submitted. Also, while you are there, look at some yummmy recipes you can try out on your famiy for the Holidays! Joe has tried them all and knows they are good, and knows that all ingredients are given and directions are correct. I have tried some and mmmmm excellent food and fun to make too! My grandkids have lots of fun making what is in the kids' section for the family! They always serve with Pride and a Smile on their faces!


PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES...we are in need of new pictures for the slide show! Fall pictures add such color to the slide. Send in pics of Autumn, animals, family, pumpkins you carved, Halloween decorations you have done for the season, Fall flowers...there are many things you can share with us! Please send your pictures to wolfcub-Key@foxysden.net and I will get them on as quickly as possible. Thanks so much! Remember to send in pictures of Thanksgiving, winter, Christmas and such. Always room for one more! There is no limit! Thanks Foxys!


Cris and Key would like to wish everyone a Blessed October! Enjoy the Holiday and be safe!
God Bless you and Thank You for all you do for Foxysden and for what you mean to us as special friends. You are so appreciated and loved by us both.