written by Keylalah

GOD BLESS AMERICA...this is the month of our country's Birthday! We celebrate with our flag of the United States of America flying high during the month! We hear fireworks from the beginning of July through the end of the month. Celebrations everywhere whether in a big area for thousands to see, or in our back yards. This month is a time of picnics, vacations, traveling, swimming, all kinds of sports and fun for the family!

If you have not heard the tribute Cris put together for the Den, you have missed beautiful music and an awesome medley of what our country is and means to us! Go to the website and you will hear his tribute and read his words! Thank you Cris for a wonderful Blessing!

We have some awards we would like to give out. Special thanks go to Foxysden for all that you contribute to the league to make her what she is today!

CONGRATS! goes out to Gill for Staff of the Month. Gill is always so giving, and so full of sunshine and fun in her tours. All so enjoy her! Thanks for a job well done Gal! You are so appreciated!

CONGRATS! goes out to Sandy! She has won the Wolflady's Sportsman Award! Sandy is always helping others, inviting and helping new people become members of the Den. She has such a heart to give! Thanks so very much Sandy! You are so appreciated!

CONGRATS Key for winning the Members Award!
From Joe: "I am not usually one to write this, so here goes. Key got member because of her devotion and loyalty to the league. She not only hosts, but plays, fills in when needed, no questions asked. No one in the leauge deserves it more."

Congrats goes out to our monthly winners in the different "Special Tours" held during the month. Our winners were:

The Mini Theme Winner for the month of June was Sue! Her mini can be found at the bottom of the Staff on the right of the Front Page! CONGRATS SUE!!

The Queen of the Miss Mini Pageant for June was Dawn! Her mini can be found on the website under Queens! Congratulations Dawn!

Our Poker Champion was, once again, Pistol Packin' Mama - Clara! Way to go hun!

Our "Streaker" for the month was Dawn with 24 points! Congrats Dawn!

Our first Pro Am Golf Tourney's winner was Key!

TOC winner for June was Key!

Staff v Members winner was Sandy for the members!! Way to go Sandy!

A couple of things we want to let you know...

It is important that you go to your profile and update your email address. If you have changed it at any time since you joined, Cases has your original on file. And information they wish to send you goes to your old email address. So please, take a couple of minutes and update your information. Thanks!

Get your 2 minis in for the Monthly Mini Theme for July! Theme is "Independence!". Do while you are thinking about it. If you need help, please contact Key.

Also, a reminder that next month is our Summer Marathon! Many, many surprises are awaiting you! It will be held on Aug 19th through the 25th!

Cris, Key, Joe, Jim, Gill and staff would like to wish you a very relaxing and enjoyable July!

Be safe, and God Bless you and yours!