written by Keylalah

June is busting out all over....
Summer is in full swing!
Kids are out of school, swimming begins, ball games are in motion, flowers are blooming, picnics are happening all over, boating and fishermen are at the lakes and seas, birds are building nests, and vacations begin!

FOXYSDEN is very busy as well!! Lots of fun things to do in the league. As you all know, we have started a Monthly Theme Contest for our minis! We dress them to match the front page theme for the month! The minis are submitted, posted, judged and the top 10 winners get awesome gifts!!

We have started the Pro-AM Golf Tourney in Mini Golf Madness! We have the tourney every Saturday. There will be a Pro AM Championship game played the last Saturday of the month for all the winners!! The Final Winner gets an awesome gift as well!

In Golf Solitaire we have the Streaker Contest going on. Look on the Foxysden Website to find out what all the winners get!

You can get to the Foxysden Website by clicking on the button located right underneath the slideshow on the front page!

There is a Poker Championship, a Miss Mini Queen, Foxyden Marathons, PJ Tourneys, Harem Master Tours....so many things going on for your enjoyment! To find out more about all these awesome things, go to the website and check it out! All the rules, the games, the prizes, the special events and so much more is listed there in sections of all kinds! Joe and Cris have put a lot of time in this website for YOU! Go and see what it is all about, see what goodies are there for you, and enjoy!!

The Foxysden Website can now be seen from Facebook! Go to:

We have a Foxysden Emporium on the website! There are many items you can purchase for you and your family, friends, for birthdays, anniversaries, for graduations, for many special events, or just to say was thinking about you...Foxysden is giving a donation every month for the soldiers overseas from the monies brought in from the Emporium. All items have our Foxysden Logo on them! Don't miss out on this opportunity to get some very nice items for you and the opportunity to help those men and women who serve and fight to keep our Freedom!

If you have any suggestions, would like to see something added to the website, let Cris, Joe, or myself know and we will see what we can do. If you have any questions or comments about the Website, or anything concerning the Foxysden League, please let us hear from you.

Send all emails to:

PLEASE do not send to our personal emails. We three get so many emails daily, we don't want to lose yours in the shuffle.

Coming soon to Foxysden is the
"Gillmark Lady's Website of Homemade Cards"
handmade by Gillian.

We have some Birthdays for the month of June!
Happy Birthday Sue (Majongmama) on June 25th!
Happy Birthday to Clara on June 26th!
Happy Birthday to Dawn on June 26th!
Check the website for the information of their birthdays...theme, host, game, date and time!
Get those party clothes on and let's PAARRRTTTTYYYYYY!!

The HAs would like to congratulate some of our members for helping out the league, over and above what is expected...for YOU!

Cris and I would like to thank this gentleman for his hard work, dedication, and creativity! So much of what you see on the website is his creation! A very special "Thank you" and a heart felt Congrats goes to Joe for all his dedication to Foxysden League! We award you Staff of the Month!

The next award, Member of the Month, goes to a very special lady. This lady has a heart of gold, a very sweet personality, and a person who enjoys people and is so very helpful to everyone, members and staff alike! The HAs would like to congratulate Sandy!!

The Wolflady Sportsman's Award goes to someone we feel has shown compassion and is dedicated to the league through tours and special events when she can. We so appreciate you Charlie!

I am going to have a tribute to the fathers of our League members for Father's Day. As we did for Mother's Day, I am asking that you please send in a picture of your father and a note about the most exciting time you had with your father growing up!
Please send this information to
Father's Day is June 16th so please have all information to me no later than June 14th by midnight!
You all did such an awesome job for Mother's Day, I am excited to see what you bring forth for Father's Day!

By the way, speaking of June 14th - that is Flag Day! Dress your minis accordingly - never know what the hosts may have up their sleeves...

There are a couple of things the Staff would like to remind you of:

We are going to be closing tours at 5 after the hour. Please try to reg before then. Once closed, we will not reopen tour unless the host has missed you.

If we have 5 or more in the tour and you are not there by 5 after, you will be removed
If we have 6 or more, we will wait a few extra minutes
If you are trying to get in then please, IM the host or one of the HAs (Cris or Key) and we will wait a few minutes for you to get in.

Cris, Key and Joe would like to thank you all for making Foxysden League the Best of the Best!
Have a very safe, fun and relaxing June!

May God Bless you and yours!