Welcome to year 4 of Foxysden League! We have become a very strong league, with members who have been with us most of those 4 years! It is with people like you that makes up our Family Online League, our second home! Chris and I would like to thank you all for your support and participation in making Foxysden one of the best darn league in the land!!


This is the comment we received from Myleague:

Happy Anniversary to the foxysden League! We noticed that October 23 marks the 4-year anniversary of your League. What a great accomplishment! In celebration of your League's anniversary, all of us here at MyLeague.com would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for the hard work and dedication you have given to the League and its members.
Congratulations, and thank you for your contributions to the MyLeague community! We look forward to serving you and the foxysden League for many years to come.
Your team at MyLeague.com

The history of Foxysden began October 23, 2009. The founder and HA was Foxyuk and NHRAFAN83, who wished to remain anonymous at the time. Foxyuk brought on Huddlee to be Co-HA to help her run the league.

Foxysden had 28 games being played and a good staff. Foxyuk did a good job of building the league, but about a year later she was not able to continue to cover the HA position that she so loved, due to her health and the health of family members. So Foxyuk turned the league over to Huddlee as temporary HA until things got better and she could return.

During this time Huddlee dropped the games from then 22 to 15, but continued to build the league. Foxyuk was not able to return and resigned as HA, so Huddlee become the HA of Foxysden with Keylalah as Co-HA.

In February of 2011, Foxysden got a new Head Administrator, Cristean (Wolfcub3) with Keylalah remaining Co-HA. At that time, Foxysden had 50 members in the league. Things were pretty shaky at first. Running a league was totally new to Cris, and Key was left in the dark as to how to run the league. Information was not shared with them, so Cris did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions as to how, when, where, who, what....

Today, Cris (Wolfcub3) is still the HA and Key the Co-HA. We now have 61 active members.

Cris, and Joe, who is Cris's brother, holds the position of Asst Co-HA. These men have done a fabulous job in building our league to what it is today!

Cris not only is our HA, he also Hosts tours for the Den. He has hosted 1035 tours, jumping many tours for his Hosts. Joe has hosted 618 tours and has jumped many tours for the Hosts as well. Both men are very dedicated to the League and its members.

Both Cris and Joe have added many awesome additions to the league. To mention a few, we now are a Premium League, Angie from Mystical Dream does our front page, Moon does our special avatars for the league as does Joe and Cris. They also upgraded chat box, the slideshow abilities, increased our game list to 42 games which are played weekly, and has a fantastic backdoor system to make it easy accesss to the games with rules for each game, and a room for each game that is ours for Foxysden.

The Den also has a website with many exciting items available for the Foxys provided by Joe and Cris. We have a "Meet the Staff" page, access to the Prayer Corner, "Light a Candle", a "Memorial Page" for Foxys who have passed on to the Father, Joe's "Recipe Book", a "Weekly Tour List" which can be printed every week, the "Newsflash" which tells of things going on in the Den such as the next week Badges, new things we are starting....much information on that page. Then we have a "Foxy Babies" page, a "Laugh with us" page, "Monthly Theme Contest" page with the minis that our members send in each month to match the front page theme, a "Library" with writings, songs and poems from our members, "Team Bowling" page, "Streaker's Page" for Golf, "Avatar" pages for each active member of Foxysden listing, with an avatar of each game they have won throughout each month, and Special Event Avatars they have won. Also added to the website is "Fright Night" which is a Halloween page of the scary and spooky minis that are sent in during the month of October, and much, much more. We also have "Foxysden Emporium" which has many items for the Den members to purchase for gifts. We send a donation of $22 a month to the men and women overseas from the monies brought in from the Emporium, to get things they are in need of. We have "Christmas" Pages as well. And much, much more...always adding exciting things just for YOU, our Foxy Members!

A very special "THANK YOU" to Cris and Joe for such excellent work and dedication. You both have made the League the unique place for our Foxys to relax and enjoy their time with this special cultured group of people; a very loving, caring, sharing, giving, praying group of awesome friends!!!

Foxys Family is a very talented bunch of people! We have our Senior Admin, Denverwingsfan19, Jim, who has been with us from the start. Jim also hosts and has hosted 833 tours thus far and jumps others tours when he can. He hosts special tours twice a month and has weekly tours where he is the ladies "Harem Master"! Thank you James for a job well done and so appreciated!

We have a special lady who Hosts the PJ Tours on Sunday evenings for the Den. She also hosts here and there throughout the week when she can with 583 tours hosted under her belt! Gillian is also our HTD and our Gillmark Lady! She hand makes cards and journals, sending them out to the members who are sick, needing a lift, ones who are having birthdays, and just because! She adds so much "Life" to the League!! Gill also is the longest running active member of Foxysden! You are so appreciated Gilly and Thanks!

Prayer is very important to the members of Foxysden. We pray for each other when the need arises, many pray for the members daily. We have a "Prayer Corner" that is handled by our "Prayer Angel" Zacksnonnie2, Connie. If we have a prayer request we make sure she knows. Also we light a candle for ones in need of prayer. Thanks Connie, for all you do to support the League!

We have a very special Lady who is so precious to us all. Mrsbmisty, Sandy, is such a beautiful, warm-loving 75 year young woman who is our Room Liaison for the Den. She helps new people who are interested in the League get registered, helps them know how our front page works and how to get into tours. She also is the HAs communication between members and staff. Sandy is the "Harem Master's" mama!! What a job she has keeping him in line!! ...James Patrick!!! (hehehe)

Last but not least we have a wonderful Lady who is 74 years young and so very active both in life and in the Den! She is our Post Mistress, taking care of sending out letters to the new people who come aboard, gets birthday information, email information, addresses, home addresses for our Special Holidays and get well cards, and helps Key get organized each month for Birthday parties. Clara is very special to our HA, Cris, as well. She is his Pogo mama! Thanks Clara for all you do for the Den! It is so appreciated!

You have met the staff of Foxysden! These Foxys are the back bone to Foxysden. We work as a team and all has their place in making the "behind the scenes" work smoothly for the Leauge! Thank you Staff! You are the greatest!! Thanks for all you do to make Foxysden unique, special, exciting and fun!!

We have one more group to thank for making Foxysden League a number one League! This group is a great support to the tours that are run each and every day of the week. These people bring life to the tours - so much silliness and laughter!! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts...Dawn, Sue, Rosy, Frieda, Rhonda, Judy, Reba, Tony, Michele, USA, Carol, Mags, Maiden, Monkey, Kim, Charlie, Wendy, Karen, and others who play when they can. Thank you!!

It takes all of us doing our part in the team to make Foxysden the workable, most awesomest league out there! THANK YOU ALL for your hard work, dedication and loyalty to the league and to the Staff of Foxysden!






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