written by Keylalah
Springtime is finally upon us! The skies are bright blue, the sun is shining with its great power, the flowers are peaking their beautiful heads from the ground, and life is being renewed once again!
Enjoy the warmth and beauty of God's creation!
The month of April is a month of new things in Foxysden! We are constantly adding new and exciting events for our Den families pleasure!

One exciting thing we have added is our own monthly Mini Theme Contest for Foxysden!

Starting with April's front page! The rules are:

1) You dress your mini to match the front page theme!

2) It is important that you send us your mini. We will not be going to the tours looking at your minis this time. Again, be sure to send us your minis to wolfcub-key@foxysden.net. Directions are at the bottom of this newsletter under the flowers, if you do not know how to do this.

3) Your mini needs to be in our mailbox online no later than the 19th of the month. No minis will be accepted after midnight of the 19th.

4) Voting begins on the 20th of the month through the 24th. It will be like Fright Night...there will be numbers under each mini and you choose the 10 you like the best, example...I like # 7,3,25,48,....with the one you like the best first, then the next one you like and so forth to #10. Your votes are to be emailed to wolfcub-key@foxysden.net. DO NOT send them to cris, joe or myself. Any questions please ask.

5) The final winners will be announced on the 25th of the month.

6) You are allowed to submit no more than 2 different minis of the theme for the month, per month.

7) This contest is run by the HAs, Cris, Joe, and Key. If there is a tie, we will be the tie breakers.

First place winner each month will receive a Gem Card that can be used for 350 gems or 3 months of Pogo, and 2000 buxs!

Second place winner each month will receive a Badge Album of choice.

Third place through Fifth place winners each month will receive a badge of choice.

Sixth place through Tenth place winners each month will receive a mall gift.

All winners will be placed on the front page the following month - April's winners will be on the May league page with your names under your minis, placed under the staff pictures on the right hand side.

The HAs hope you enjoy this contest and participate monthly!
The PJ Tours run by Gillian are going to have a bit stricker rules. They are as follows:

1) You must wear PJs that are called pajamas or nightgowns that you find in the mall. No questionable ones will be accepted. No boxers or formal gowns that look like nighties will be accepted.

If you are not dressed to follow the themes, no gifts will be given.

2) Do not wear a mini that you have won in the past and just change the caption. You are to be creative each week with something different.

3) Must always be wearing PJs!

The awards that will be given for PJ Appreciation month of April are:

A) There will be an OVERALL WINNER - the one who wins the most avatars throughout April.

B) There will be winners for each of the following catagories: Most Original, Funniest Mini and Funniest Caption.

C) All prizes will be made by Gillian herself!
The Foxysden Spring Marathon begins April 22nd and ends the 28th! Loads of fun with the Den family, lots and lots of prizes, surprises and special tours!

We have the Quarterly Marathon Poker Game, the Quarterly Marathon King or Queen of Games, and the Quarterly Marathon TOC!! The winners of these tours get nice prizes and have their names on the trophys until the Summer Marathon!!

Plan on coming and enjoying all the fun throughout the Marathon! Good luck to you all!!
Cris, Joe and myself would like to congratulate a few of our members for their help in the league!

Our first member we would like to congratulate is a person who always has a smile in her words, is encouraging and participates often. Congrats goes to Charlie! Thanks hun!

This next person to be recognized is also one who brings a smile in her words, who is a great encourager to the league members, is helpful in many ways to both the members and the staff. We would like to present to Dawn the Wolflady's Sportsman Award! Thanks for all you do for the Den hun!

I was selected as Staff of the month. My total privilege. I enjoy doing what I do for you all!

Congrats goes to Cris on winning the TOC, Judy for winning the Mini Pageant Queen, Clara for winning the Poker Championship and me winning the Member v Staff tour! Way to go all!!
We have a change of name in one of our tour rooms. Canasta has a changed name BUT it is the same room as we always had. It is changed from Beginners temp room 007 to Beginners Exclusive unlocked room 007. You will find this room in the Free Room area. We will put this room in the tour page for you each time as we always do the rooms. If you should have a question concerning this, please see the HAs.

Cris, Joe and myself wish you a very safe and enjoyable April!

May God Bless you abundantly

Orkut Scraps - Spring

Orkut Scraps

The Directions for Sending Mini Pictures to wolfcub-key@foxysden.net

When you have your mini ready, click on "Print Screen" on your keyboard.

Next go to your "START" button on your desktop. In the "search" print "paint" and a program should come up for you.

Click on the center of the page with your cursor

Next, on your keyboard, click on Ctrl and the letter "V" at the same time. The picture of your mini and whatever else that was on the desktop at the time will appear.

In the right hand corner of your "Paint screen" you will see the word "Crop". Click on that and take your curser to just your mini and outline it with the dotted line so all that shows inside that dotted line is your picture of your mini.

Let go of your mouse and go to the top left again and see the word "Cut". Click on cut and you will see an empty space where your picture once was.
Now, go again to the top left and click on the white arrow in the blue box that looks like a book. Click on "New Page". A box will come up asking you if you want to save your picture - click no.

You will then see the light blue screen again and at the top left of that blue screen, there will be a small white box. Right click on that little white box and paste. Your mini will show up there

Now click on the white arrow of the blue box that looks like a book and scroll down to "Save As". Do not click on it, just scroll over it and it will bring up a list of things for you on the right hand side of that box. Again do not click on anything in that box until you come to "JPEG pictures".

Click on JPEG pictures and your files will come up. Save your picture in one of your files where you know it will be.

Now close out of "Paint" and go to your file, find your picture and place as an attachment in your email to wolfcub-key@foxysden.net.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Key, and I will help you. It sounds like a lot but it really is not once you do it a couple of times.