written by Keylalah

Here we are, in the second month of 2013 already! How time flies when we are having fun! Lots of tours, lots of exciting things to see and do in the Foxys Webpage...want to see what we all look like? Check out the slideshow. Foxysden has sooo much to offer its members! Take the time and enjoy it!

Foxysden has a lot of new things going on this year! We hope you take advantage of the many different subjects on our Foxysden Website! If you have not been there, you have missed out on sooooo much! Joe has added many good, helps for pogo and computers, the games and their rooms for printing, general rules for all games, a weekly tour sheet that you can print, the Newsflash telling you all the recent news in Foxysden, Cases and Pogo, meet the admins and staff page, Foxys avatars that we all have won, special awards given out by the HA, a training site, newsletters, editorials, a place to send the HAs letters and email, a place to light a candle for those who are sick, in need of finances, who need an uplift or are having surgery...a memorial page for the foxys who have passed on to the Father, a movie section, fun game section, and so so so much more. Take time to check this all out! You wont be sorry!

Thank you Joe and Cris for all the hard work you put into the website just for us Foxys!

We have an Avatar Contest going on for the year. Each time you win a tour, you receive an avatar of that game! The one with the most avatars at the end of each month gets a special Avatar made to order with your name on it and a Badge Album!! Good luck to you all!

This year, for Miss Mini Pageant, we are taking a picture of the Queen in her lovely formal for a special page on the Website. All 12 queens will be placed there and at the end of the year, a special Tour will be played with the ones who are crowned. The winner of that tour will win a Pogo Membership for the year! We have January's Queen posted - Queen Gillian!
Congrats hun and you look lovely!

I would like to, once again, give you the rules for the pageant. You must follow the theme each week, and you must attend every Saturday evening to be considered for the Queen. You can not come once or twice and expect to win when others are there every weekend. Your dress attire is what is judged...not the background, the goodies or the pets. This is a very special event for the ladies, but gents are welcome to attend and play in the tours with us. The Miss Mini Pageant starts at 8:00p every Saturday night. There will be a theme for each week. You are not required to change your mini after each tour. The crowning will be the last Saturday of the month in the 10:00p tour.

The PJ tours, run by Gillian, have had a face lift as well! She is doing Story Time once a month and has added Trivia once a month as well! Gill is always gifting those who attend her tours AND dress to match the theme! Her judging is done by background, goodies and pets. You wear PJs in all 3 of her tours, with different senarios. Don't miss the fun of the PJ Tours every Sunday night beginning at 7:00p!

Cris hosts the Poker Championship Tour at the end of the month - all who win poker tours throughout the month and play at least 4 tours of poker are invited for the playoff at the end of the month. The winner gets a gem card, name on trophy for the month, a special avatar, as well as buxs!

Jim, our Harem Master, has tours on Wed and Thur evenings beginning at 8:00p for all to enjoy!

Joe has a special BIG BUX TOUR once a week, Cris has a HA APPRECIATION TOUR once a week and Key has KEY'S MEMBER APPRECIATION TOUR once a week. These tours are posted in Foxys Webpage under Weekly Tours!

We had a lot of foxy winners last month!
Congrats goes out to the "Streaker" of the month - Clara!! She won with the longest streak of cards in Golf Solitaire! Clara played 22 cards straight to get the win! She beat out Gill's streak of 21 in December!
Clara also won the most avatars in January! 47 go to her credit!!! Congrats hun you did a great job!

Congradulations goes out to Gillian who was chosen for Staff of the Month! Gill is always willing to help out where needed and is always a GREAT host in her tours! She also is a giver from the heart where the winners are concerned!

Clara, our dear sweet Clara...we are proud to present the Member of the Month award to you! You are always there for support, always in all tours whether you like to play them, or know how to play them or not. So much appreciated Gal! Congradulations!

Foxysden Wolflady's Sportsman Award is a very special that is given to a Foxy who shows support, caring, loving, fair play, and concern for others. We are proud to present this award to MrsB! Thanks hun for all you represent for Foxysden League! Proud of you!

We had winners in the specials for the month of January:

Congrats Cris in the Staff v Members tour!!
Yay Staff!!

Poker Champ for the month of January was
Mrs B!! Congrats hun!

Key won the TOC

Again, the Queen for Miss Mini Pageant for January was Gillian!
Congrats Gal!
First Runner up was Judy!
and Second Runner up was Connie!
Congrats to you all!

the second month of the year.


A widely believed story has it that February is so short because the Romans borrowed a day from it to add to August. August was originally a 30-day month called Sextilis, but it was renamed to honor the emperor Augustus Caesar, just as July had earlier been renamed to honor Julius Caesar. Naturally, it wouldn't do to have Gus's month be shorter than Julius's, thus the switch.

But some historians say this is not true, that February has always had 28 days. Going back to the 8th century BC, a Roman king by the name of Numa Pompilius established the basic Roman calendar. Before Numa changed the calendar, it covered only ten months, March through December. December roughly translates from Latin as "tenth." July was originally called Quintilis, "fifth," Sextilis was sixth, September was seventh, and so on.

Having the calendar run out in December and not pick up again until March probably seems like a pretty casual approach to timekeeping. However, we must realize that 3,000 years ago, not a lot happened between December and March. The Romans at the time were an agricultural people, and the main purpose of the calendar was to govern the cycle of planting and harvesting.

Numa decided that if the Romans gave the world a calendar that it could not overlooked one-sixth of the year. So he decided that a year would have 355 days — still a bit off the mark, but definitely a step in the right direction. Three hundred fifty five days was the approximate length of 12 lunar cycles, with lots of leap days thrown in to keep the calendar lined up with the seasons. Numa also added two new months, January and February, to the end of the year. Since the Romans thought even numbers were unlucky, he made seven of the months 29 days long, and four months 31 days long.

But Numa needed one short, even-numbered month to make the number of days work out to 355. February got elected. It was the last month of the year (January didn't become the first month until centuries later), it was in the middle of winter, and presumably, if there had to be an unlucky month, better to make it a short one.

Many years later, Julius Caesar reorganized the calendar yet again, giving it 365 days. Some say he made February 29 days long, 30 in leap year, and that Augustus Caesar later pilfered a day; others say Julius just kept it at 28. None of this changes the underlying truth: February is so short mainly because it was the month nobody liked much; cold, icy, hard frosts, rivers freezing over, wood cutting month.

Just a little trivia for February...the February Flower is the Violet, the Birthstone is the Amethyst, and the Zodiac through the 19th is Aquarian. From the 20th through the rest of February into March is Pisces

On behalf of Cris, Joe and myself, we wish you a pleasant and safe February!
Make sure to look at all there is offered in the Foxys Website, join the tours and enjoy the Den family!

May God Bless you abundantly!
Cristean, Keylalah, and Joseph